RenaCare Skin Care Cream

Skin care cream with allantoin and panthenol
for treating the damaged, dry, chapped and/or itchy skin of dialysis patients and nursing staff.


Dialysis Patients/Diabetics:
For protecting the skin around the shunt, for treating dry, chapped patches of skin, and to reduce any itching experienced by dialysis patients/diabetics. 

Nursing Staff:
Skin treatment for treating nursing personnel’s damaged, dry, and chapped skin.

Product features

 haken Absorbs quickly; non-greasy
 haken Highly effective
 haken Treatment maximized by:
Allantoin (promotes healing and soothes the skin) and
Panthenol (relieves itchiness and nurtures cell regeneration)

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Price: 8,60 EUR


Apply a thin layer at least once a day to the affected area or any skin in need of treatment.

Commercial data


PZN Package Size Order number
463272 5 100 ml 2910-2


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